Friday, February 5, 2010

I will survive...

One day in, and I think I can say that the "terrible two's" have officially begun!
Yesterday as I was cleaning up one mess, Livvy got into Braydon's art set and
drenched herself in liquid water color. (To me, I don't think it
should have been in a kid's art kit. This stuff stains sooo bad! It's gone now!)
The silver lining here was that her only clothing was already purple and
the boys had stipped all the bedding off of Chaser's bed to make these
hammocks .
(And I let them because my father in law built this bed and it is
super sturdy!)
So, I was thanking my lucky stars that Chaser's quilt wasn't ruined!

The downfall here is I am pretty sure that I have cause for
concern in that Livvy discovered how pretty bath water
becomes when you soak your body in water colors.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

Luckily I have some experience with two year olds...

...and I seem to have made it through!
(weren't they sooo cute?)


Charis said...

Her RED MARKER sure made for a good photo session! Livvy in the bath with pink water actually looks pretty cool! Welcome to Terrible Two's, I guess ;-)

Charis said...

You DO have gorgeous kids! I still can't get over just how much alike they look. I love it!