Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stolen photos :)

I just want to wish a special Mother's Day to my dear friend, Charis, who just gave birth to these darling twins.  Their arrival has been long awaited and I am so happy for this family! :)  Just in time for Mother's Day too- how perfect! 
Congratulations again Charis and Andy!
We love y'all and are so happy to see y'all as parents! :)


Ace said...

Hey my computer's working for a minute;)

Thanks so much for posting these!!!

I am so happy for Charis and Andy.

They are so deserving of such bliss~

Please tell her that they are adorable, and totally take me back 6.5 years!

Love you more than words my friend!

Cassie said...

Oh Melissa!! I have not seen Charis forever- and I was so happy for her when I saw those pics. What a wonderful mothers day gift for her. Tell her hello and congrats!! What a sweet friend you are!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. You are a gem... and such a good friend!!