Thursday, February 17, 2011


By Danyette!  Thanks Danyette! Thanks for thinking of me. Plus, it's so fun learning tidbits about each other!

1) Thank the person that gave it to you.
2) Share Seven facts about yourself
3)Award seven other people with the award

Seven obscure facts about me:

* I LOVE lemons- A LOT!  I usually eat one a day, like an orange. Except with a little salt.  Then after I eat the fruit, I eat the white, inside of the rind.  (This started during one of my pregnancies- I just couldn't help myself.  Later I learned that the rind is super good for ya!)

*I have a thing for numbers.  Once I learn a phone number or birthday, I usually never forget it.  (however, since my wreck, my memory has suffered- which is Super frustrating!  I hope it will all return!)

*My great uncle was the man who invented the game Twister. 

* I am currently working on a children's book that I wrote several years ago.  I'm working on the illustrations so that I can print/ publish it myself.  I want my kids to have the story in book form, so I'm really excited to finish it.  I will definitely share it on my blog when it is complete!  :)

*I like watching the show Top Gear with my husband... it is a total GUY show, but it is hilarious.  Since Wade served his mission in England, we have a love of the Brits.  And I love that my husband is a total car guy.  I think it's sexy! ;)

*I wish I had a little baby... sometimes... ok, a lot of times.  Seeing newborns lately brings tears to my eyes. I'm such a sap!

*Even though we have hard times , I really do love my life!  I know I am very blessed!

I award the following:
(some very stylish ladies   :)


Alison said...

LOVE that you are related to the man who invented Twister!!!

Ace said...

Oooh!!! I am soooo honored!

I am just now getting on the computer since I LAST said 'Hello.'

I've become a bit...shall we say...lazy.

I will have to make good on this though. So much Fun!! And I must say, after having known you all these years... it was fun to learn something new about you!

You are my fav. I have enjoyed catching up. Livs b-day looked like a dream! And you are right-- that candid pic is too sweet. Frame worthy for sure!

Love you so much!

p.s. Hope you're hanging in there.