Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Braydon's Science Fair Project

Braydon just completed his fifth grade science fair project.  He and Wade went to A LOT of work to build and test airplane wings in their homemade wind tunnel. 

Braydon wanted to do his backdrop all by his self!  I offered to help, but I think he was afraid I would make it look like a scrapbook page.  Ok, he's probably right.    I didn't get to help.  :( 
But, actually I am proud of him for testing all the wings and knowing his subject well enough to type it all up and get it all put together. 

           Braydon demonstrates how the wind goes over the wing, based on the Bernoulli's Principle.  They used smoke, pushed through the straws, to simulate wind.  They burned incense in a smoke chamber behind the wind tunnel. 

 Here are the wings they carved to test.
I was so proud of my super smart boys.  My husband is so talented.  I am so glad that he helped Braydon learn a lot about aviation during this project.  Braydon loved it and did such a great job with it.  He's always been such a great student, so eager to learn, and also has many talents and strengths.  I was very impressed with this project.  I am so proud to be Braydon's mama. :)

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