Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

I got this bag for my birthday. I just turned the big 3 0. I actually feel ok about it. I'm hoping my 30's will be great! But, Isn't this the cutest bag? My sister in law, Monica got it for me and I love it. Yes, it even has my kids pictures on the front. If anyone is interested, it came from Robert's craft. I also got a gift card to Rod Works from my dear friend, Charis. I can't wait to go use it! I would have gone right away, as this is my favorite home decor store, but I am determined to go without the assistance of little hands. Wade has been finishing finals and flying a lot the last week, so he has been busy. Maybe this next week, he will be home more so I can go spend it. I guess one good thing about getting older is that people really seem to know you well and know what you'd like! At least it worked out that way for me! Happy Birthday to me. :)


Annie said...

Happy Birthday!

Charis said...

Oh I love your new purse, so cute. I especially love the green.