Monday, May 5, 2008

Rock it Out!!!

Ok, the funniest story. Chase, my hilarious little 3 year old, and I were in the grocery store on Friday and I picked up some sandwich cheese. He energetically asked, "Mommy, you're gonna buy that cheese?" I replied, "Yeah, I thought we could make some sandwiches with it." Then his excited response was, " ROCK IT OUT, MOMMY!" The lady beside me, and I both burst out laughing. I have no idea where he got that, but it was so funny. Ahh...The things kids say. :) Also, another recent funny Chaserism is that he likes to take off all of his clothes. When we tell him to go get dressed, he has started saying, "I don't want underwear, I want NONE-derwear. Again, he came up with that one and it gives us a pretty good laugh. Yesterday at church, he ran up to the pulpit twice and started singing. This child truly has a mind of his own.

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Charis said...

Oh I just love hearing Chase stories. He must have you in stitches all day long... What a funny little guy. Glad you are documenting all the funny things he says.