Monday, July 14, 2008

EEG test

Last week, Livvy Brynne ( she goes by both names a lot) had a seizure. It was short but unexplained, so today we had to take her up to Primary Children's Hospital for an EEG test. She had been born with a velementous cord insertion ( her cord was not attatched to the placenta just right- and they said it was amazing she was born healthy without a hitch), but they are hoping now that there weren't any residual effects that stemmed from it like lack of blood flow to her brain. The good news is she is such a smart, active baby. She has met all of her developmental milestones and more that are expected at this age. She was very cooperative for the EEG and sweet the whole time- like always! She is the best baby. She had to go to sleep for the test. Hopefully we will get results in a couple of days and that there isn't any continuing problem. It is worrisome to me, of course, because we love her sooo much! But, we have faith that everything will be okay. And I think she still looks cute with all those electrodes on her head! :)

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Charis said...

Oh she IS the sweetest baby. I am sure they wished all the babies were half as good as she was... I know it will all be fine! Still very scary though. I think she needs a new outfit - anyone who ha to go through trauma like that needs a new outfit :-) That's what I tell Andy, if I get shots, or have to go to the dr. for anything unpleasant - I get a new item of clothing. So Brynne = a new outfit :-)