Friday, August 15, 2008

My Girls

Can't really sleep tonight, so here I sit passing the time. I rarely get the chance to do this when everyone is awake anyway, so I should be thankful for insomnia. :)


Dave and Kim said...

Hey Melissa,
I love your blog. Your girls are the cutest. That song "Let them be little" made me cry. So cute...

neika said...

Hey lis,
You need to teach me about digital scrapbooking! I am SO far behind. Ashley is just a baby in my most current pages. YIKES. I love seeing your sweet family, thanks!
OH PS.... not blog worthy, but my mom is MOVING to springville!

Lori said...

Your children are so adorable. I'm glad I have your blog and can keep in touch. I miss our walks. It was such a beautiful area.