Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you hear it?

Although, I wish she were happier in this clip (she was sooo sleepy), you can still see Livvy's little wave and hear a sad "bye-bye". (or am I the only one to hear it?) Mommies always understand their own babies better than anyone else, that's for sure! :) I think my resolution is set way low on my camera- sorry about that, but I couldn't resist the photo-opp. When she started waving to me tonight to get my attention, I had to grab my camera. Maybe soon, I can catch it again when she is all cute and giggly, because she really is the happiest baby most of the time! I also think her first tooth is about to emerge. She is a little sensitive and fussy and cries when she bites on things. Poor baby, but she is still the sweetest! Oh, and BTW, pardon the baby talk. It just comes out that way...

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