Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few precious moments

I feel like I probably always make Chaser sound like a little stinker, and a bit persnickety (that's my nickname for him when I want to say something mean in a cutesy sounding way. He is none the wiser yet! Aren't I terrible?) , so I decided to share some of his sweeter side. He really can be sooo sweet! And hilarious. I do LOVE him soooo much! Can't imagine life without my Chaser race! The other night we were all eating chicken noodle soup when I happen to notice HOW Chase is eating his soup. Photo opp! Take a good look at his utensils. I guess he thought he could get the veggies out with the fork better (yes, he ate out all the veggies first!) He definitely gets credit for that one! And the spoon is for his broth. Anyway, I thought it was rather cute! He definitely has his own personal style!

Chase frequently is irreverent and sneaks out or talks during prayers, but is getting better. Well, one night this week he came and climbed in bed with me and Wade in the middle of the night and said in a sleepy voice, "Did we have a prayer?" We chuckled and told him that in fact we did have a prayer that evening and then Wade proceeded to tell him we could have another if he'd like, and Chase said, "That's ok, I was just checking."
Wow! In that moment I felt so touched! I realized right then and there that the little things do make a difference and that we are doing okay. I must say I often beat myself up and think I need to do better. But, I truly felt so happy in that moment knowing that bedtime prayer is even important to little Chase. (sigh....)
Another cute thing he said today at church was when the choir got up to sing. Chase asked Wade, "why are all those people getting up?"
Wade- "They are the choir"
The choir began singing and Chase piped up, "They sure are a loud quiet!" :)

Then the last thing I can think of (there are seriously too many to think of) is that Chase is very fascinated by the new little smart cars. He told us one night that he wanted a toy smart car for his birthday. Wade's mom said to him, "I don't know if they make toy smart cars. I've never seen one." Chase emphatically said, "OH--you will on my birthday!" And BTW, they do make them- my dad had seen them at the dealer. Too funny...

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neika said...

OH how sweet. I need to call you! I'm so sorry I haven't yet. Just crazy busy all day until kids go to bed ya know! I miss you! Your kids are so sweet and you and Wade are AWESOME parents. I've always looked up to you for that!!!