Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!

For as much as I'm not so keen on winter, I do LOVE Christmas time! And even the snow makes it feel so festive- which we have gotten so much of this week! I had planned to send out a really nice Christmas letter this year, seeing how I feel so blessed lately, but days turn into weeks, blah, blah, blah. I am sure that my schedule is no different than any of you, but sometimes I still feel like I'm on a hamster wheel- the faster I seem to go, the further behind I get! Like I said, I love Christmas time, but it is just so crazy! My to-do list never ending. I wrote down my list about a week ago, don't even think I had time to check it twice. I ran out of paper before I ran out of errands, etc. For example: work, ward, firefighter, & family parties, white elephant gifts, make treats and extra special lesson for visiting teaching, neighbor gifts, clean house, prepare and teach KM, get the tree and decorations up, oh no! baby's sick with double ear infections- won't stop crying!, go to Dr., get medications, what's for dinner?, Work, work, work, to sleep at midnight or later, now Sommer's up at 3 a.m. throwing up- great!, clean & disinfect (i'll spare the gory details!), Shopping, Forever long lines, make Christmas cards for self and family members (what was I thinking?) plus get them sent out on time, buy teacher gifts, kids homework, baby hates medicine and spits it out, shop some more, Chase wants lunch- I offer to stop at Burger King and get a happy meal and he cries telling me that it's not very healthy! (well, at least I get to laugh- thanks Chaser!), piles of laundry, Amish bread to cook, and of course take time to watch the Biggest Loser (way to go Michelle!) and love my kids and hubby etc. etc. etc.
You get the picture! However, even with all the chaos, I'm so proud to say that I wouldn't trade my life for anything! Sometimes I feel like the most blessed person on earth. I have the sweetest hubby who gives me unconditional love and compliments, and the sweetest, cutest kids in the world (sorry people :) ). I have wonderful friends who deserve a standing ovation for all the support, love, advice, and sunshine they bring to my life. And as a side note, Has anyone taken a good look at all my friends? They are all such beautiful girls! I pale in comparison standing next to you all! But, I will stick it out because of the beauty of your hearts! I love you all so much! You know who you are! Thanks for inspiring me and being my friend! I truly am so blessed!
So, since I was the slacker, and didn't get those letters written, I just want to post a few more things I have to be grateful for this year:
A new baby (the sweetest ever!)
A new home
10 years with Wade
The best vacation ever as a family
My sweet Braydon who reminds me everyday how fast he's growing up. He is so smart and such a good boy! Such a hard worker, so dependable!
Sommer, my ultra- talented, creative, caring, heart-of-gold daughter. And a super good mommy's helper. I don't know what I'd do without her!!!
Chase, Mr. Independence, hilarious, and sweet snuggler. He is feeling like such a big boy lately!
Livvy, her smile brightens my every day! I just can't get over her!
Of course, we are so thankful for health, warmth, all of our family members, and the Gospel. I can't imagine celebrating Christmas without my testimony of the Savior. In all the chaos, He truly keeps me grounded!
Well, if you've trudged through this ultra long post, then you are awesome (We are all busy)! As this is my only journal of sorts, I felt that in some way, I needed to recognize my many blessings this year. Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have everything your hearts desire!

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Alison said...

We just received your Christmas card and love it!! We have it hanging on our fridge. Hope your family has the very merriest Christmas!!