Friday, May 8, 2009

Fact Is...

My Little Guy...
is growing up! He had his preschool graduation and seemed so big!
Chase is a great big brother (most of the time!) and says the cutest things. One of this week's Chaserism's was this:
Quite sincerely Chase asks, "Mommy, Has Braydon received the gift of the Holy Ghost?"
Me (chuckling): "Yes, he has."
Chase: "Then why is he so mean to me and Sommer?!"
I was laughing so hard. But, at the same time I couldn't believe how grown-up he sounded. If my words start to run here, I can't help but tearing up :)...
(Braydon really is super sweet. He just doesn't always give Chaser his way!)
Isn't he so cute in his cap and gown? (even though in his opinion, red is a GIRL color!!!)
Chase was so cute at graduation. He sang so well and seemed so happy. Sometimes I really struggle getting him to go to school. Sometimes he just wants to be with mommy...awww! But today, I think he really didn't want it to end.
Here is the cute little graduating class and Miss Leslie-such an awesome preschool teacher. We were so fortunate to get into her class this year!
To celebrate, I just had to take Chase to this little bakery shop that is now the talk of the town! Being tempted for days, I couldn't wait to have an excuse to go. It was well worth it too! So
delectable! I had to try the va-nie-lla cupcake. Wow, it was so good! Chase had the rapberry lemonade and Wade had the strawberry shortcake. The options endless- the experience, so fun!

Bold Yummy! So proud of my little buddy!
Just to prove that he at least is not all the way grown up yet, he asked me this too cute and obvious question the other day,
"Mommy, what is yellow with black
Me: "Hmm...a butterfly?"
Chase: "NO! A Yellow
Spotted Beetle!"

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Charis said...

Congrats to Chase on GRADUATION and the first of many graduations to come. For a boy who doesn't love having his picture taken - you sure got some great shots of him. What a cutie! And those cupcakes look YUMMY! What a perfect treat!