Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day at the Dinosaur Museum

I have many summer memories to post when I get the time and I plan to do so with the kids back in school. We have had a busy, fun summer and made some good memories! I sure do love spending my days with my kids and am going to miss them a lot when they are at school. It is very sad to me when the summer is over- but they are ready for school and really ready for a break from each other too. Sad, but true! So anyway, here is part 1 of our busy summer activities...
This is the face of one excited boy! I took my kids and my brother's kids to the dinosaur museum as a final activity before school starts. It was crazy up there with lots of parents doing the same thing, but so worth it. I know I may have overloaded on the pictures, but there were lots of fun, memorable moments this day!

Braydon, London, Chase, Sommer, Paris, & Livvy

Getting hands stamped.

This is an ancient sea- turtle!! Huge doesn't even begin to describe this thing!

Chase and Daddy

Braydon, London, Chase, & Sommer with a triceratops.

Fossils Everywhere!

The kids loved designing their own dino and it gave me a chance to sit and rest a minute. Until Wade met me there, I chased around 6 busy, fascinated children for about 2 hours! And even though I rehearsed with them over and over again that we "stay together", that didn't exactly happen all of the time.

Brushing for fossils:

Sommer discovered this ELEPHAS- like a tiny elephant. Never knew there was such a thing. How cute would that be?

The Shark was a big hit!
The kids are all screaming at those terrible teeth! :)

Silly Sommer :)

We played mimic the dinosaur.

Braydon and London thought this petrified lightening was pretty cool.

Check out this dinosaur foot!

Lots and lots of exploration!

Quite the Fish Fossil:

The kids got to play in an erosion table with sand and water. Messy and fun!


I wasn't the only one who was exhausted at the end of the day!

But all the other kids could've spent days there exploring!

This is a woolly mammoth tooth.

What a great learning experience! Not only for my kids, but me too. They sure do keep me in the "know"!

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