Friday, November 6, 2009

Award Winning Photography

Sommer entered a photography contest with these photos she took. The theme of the contest was "Beauty Is..." She took these photos all by herself (no assistance from me whatsoever) with my very non-professional camera. Needless to say, I was very impressed and proud of her! I think she did a great job and deserved the award and trophy she won! The girl has an eye for photography, I believe!

All of these pics were taken in our front yard and the top pic of the Zinnia was grown from seeds that she and Chaser planted this summer.

Award- Winning Smile! :)


Ace said...

Congratulations Sommer!

You really do have a knack for photography!

Love the flowers, beautiful..miss them already.

Neika Boulter said...

how great is she!? I love your new header too! I think I know where she gets her talents from =)!!