Monday, December 28, 2009

Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

It came and went, much too quickly. Most good things in life seem to do that. But it was wonderful. We spent more time at home this year, which was so peaceful and fun to just watch my kids play! The simplicity of this year was a welcomed change. Although I do hope that next year I can decorate, bake, and craft a little more, I think we were no worse for the wear.

I also must mention how blessed I feel. So many people came to my aid and helped me stress a little less. Taking my kids to lessons, cleaning my house, bringing me lunch, a shoulder to cry on (on one frustrated day), and even a few gifts for my kids to lessen my shopping need. I felt so undeserving, but very loved. I feel so humbled!

Braydon got some good reads for Christmas. (So did I~yay!) I am so proud of how much he loves to read! He's a good boy!

Our kitty particularly loved the Christmas tree ornanments.

Sommer got some special Nutcracker books and memorabillia to celebrate her first time to play a part in the ballet. I will post more pictures of that soon. It was so beautiful and special! And she also got some more little pet shops. She is so easy to shop for!

When Chase opened a globe from Santa, He yelled, "THE WORLD??? I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT THE WORLD!"

He spends hours studying maps. He can show us where animals are from all over the world. And he can even show me where my friend, Charis is from (South Africa). He thinks it is soooo cool that she is from Africa where the coolest animals are from. He is always asking me about her adventures growing up there. (We are going to have to let him call you on a day you aren't too busy, Charis, K?)

Livvy has been saying for a month, "San Caus bring Ivvy a baby doll". And that he did. A couple. It was a good thing too, since we have a few that need to be retired! At least they have been loved by the sweetest little baby girl. She has been telling me all the time now, "I wuv Ooo Mommy." Ah, my heart melts. I wish I could have a few more of her! :)
Indeed, we had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!
My photo uploader is super slow today, so you get to be spared my usual overloaded posts.


Ace said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day for you all! Kids look precious as always. Glad Santa was so good to y'all.

Been meaning to drop by since Christmas Eve and sad to admit I still haven't made it..obviously:)

Love you a whole bunch. Still praying for you and thinking of you lots. Call you soon!

Alison said...

What a sweet, special Christmas with your little ones. I can't wait to hear about Sommer's part in the Nutcracker!

Jamie said...

You have such cute kids! We enjoyed having the older ones over to play yesterday, they are good kids.

I hope your appointment goes well today and that you start feeling better soon. BTW, your font looks way cute!