Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Livvy Brynne!

My sweet baby girl is 2 years old today!
(I say this with tears in my eyes!) Isn't she so funny? She loves cheesing at the camera. Quite the ham!
Last night I made this little shirt for her. She has loved wearing it
today. She knows it is her special day and tells everyone,
"It's Livvy's birt-day!"

( I love how she always speaks of herself in 3rd person.)

Livvy is just the sweetest, funnest baby girl. I recently askedher if

she was a big girl, and she pouted and said,

"NO!!! I a BABY!"
She likes being our baby. She is spoiled with lots of love!

And she is so polite. The other night I called her to dinner and she said,
"No sank ooo. I fine!"
I thought that was so funny and cute!
She is growing up so fast, but we enjoy each and every day!

I can't believe this picture below was taken 2 years ago today!
I cherish that day!
I have loved having Livvy in my life!
She makes me smile so much!
February 3, 2008

We were instantly head over heels in love!

Just a cutie from the very start!

I am so glad that we didn't stop at 2 0r 3 kids.
Baby number 4 has been just so easy and fun!
I would have missed out so much without ALL of my sweet kids.

Happy Birthday our sweet Livs!
We love you more than you could EVER know!


Ace said...

Oh Happy Birthday beautiful Livvy!

You are truly cherished.

(eat a cupcake for auntie dess!)

Neika Boulter said...

that two years flew by way tooooo fast! She looks so grown up and she looks so cute in her new shirt!

Charis said...

Happy Birthday, Livvy! The past 2 years few by! What a sweet little girl!