Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Hearts

I LOVE this photo!
A sweet candid moment between Gabi and Sommer
about 7 years ago. Wow! Can that be right?
7 years???
Gabi is my niece, but really more like my sister since
she lived with us from the time she was a baby. Even though there
is a good 12 years difference between us, we have always
been close. She has always had a love of little kids.
She is currently expecting her 2nd little boy.
Nicholas is one. Her new baby has been diagnosed in
utero with having 4 congenital heart defects. He will need surgery
the moment he is born to construct a new aorta
among other procedures. We already love this new little boy
and are praying that the doctors can mend his little heart
so we can all watch him grow. I am also praying for
Gabi and Nick, her husband, that they will have strength.
Having a baby in the NICU will be tough, especially
with one baby at home. But, I am sure that this experience
will be a time of growth for our family.
I will update when he is born.
PS- Happy Birthday Gabi!

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