Friday, February 19, 2010

Remembering Grandma

Well, I didn't exactly post as much as I planned before
Valentine's Day, but Wade's grandma passed away the
Wednesday before, and so we were spending time as a family-
remembering Grandma Rowene.
She was a very talented, hard-working lady
All of my kids own hand-stitched quilts
(done in her 80's none the less!)
that she tenderly made. She was a wonderful person
and I think she wanted to go home to her
sweetheart for Valentine's Day.
Even Livvy seemed to understand when we told her Grandma died.
She'd say,"Sommer, see die."
It was sad and sweet.
She is getting so big!
Chase was respectful and considerate, but wouldn't be
Chase without at least one funny thing to say.
After the funeral when we were at
the luncheon,
Chase was sitting with Wade's parents.
He looked at Grammy (Wade's mom) and said,
"This was fun! I hope we do this again soon!...(thinking)
But, we only know of two old people left."
"Who's that?" Grammy asked.
Matter of factly he responded,
" You and Grandpa."
We all had a good laugh from that one. Chase can
lighten any mood. :)

Grandma's funeral was a beautiful tribute to a
beautiful person. And although we will miss her, we
know we will see her again!

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Ace said...

Oh that Chase!

He is quite the cut up ain't he?

Love him sooooo much.

And Livvy's...she's okay too;)

Thanks for your sweet email. I'm feeling better. Call you soon!