Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still Laughing...

Thursday had me in stitches.  I was laughing all day! It started out when Chase had to wear these super cool Cheetah pants (Livvy's).  He is sooo into wild animals right now!  He reads his animal encyclopedia for hours a day.  I thought it was cute, but then that afternoon we had to go to Parent- Teacher Conferences and Chase refused to wear anything else.  
(You have to pick your battles with this kid!)  
So, this is how we went...

On a different note,  I have been hearing that recently there is a young patient at Wade's work that is absolutely smitten with him!  He has already been given a hard time about it from all his co-workers.  The situation didn't improve when all these signs started appearing all over the premises:
(this is a ceramic tile!)
So, the funniest part for me was on Thursday when I saw this newest sign posted there at Wade's work:
I started laughing so hard!  Then I looked over at Sommer and see that she is fuming red!  (or "green" whichever way you want to call it!)  
She said, "MOMMY!  Doesn't that make you sooo MAD???"  
"Nah... I think it's pretty hilarious, actually."
Then I asked, "Sommer?  Does it make you mad?"
She crossed her arms, pouted, and said, "Yes!"
As I looked at her closer, I noticed there were tears in her eyes!  She was so stinkin' jealous!  That made me laugh even more.  I'm just not a very jealous person.  And apparently Sommer will stick up for me if I should be.
Does anyone think it's crazy how funny I find this?  When you know Wade and how embarassed he gets by this, combine it with Sommer's jealousy, it's just too funny!   
(Besides, Can't say I blame the girl!  Wade is very lovable!)
However, Maybe it is time I start wearing my heart more on my sleeve , or entire t-shirt, to let the world know how much I love my husband!
   I  (too)


Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

I thought Chase was stylin' when I saw him at parent teacher conferences. Now you just need to find him a zebra print bag to match. :)

Ace said...

First of all..LOVE the cheetah pants. He and Bum should fuse their fashion choices-- maybe together they could create something that actually made perfect sense:)

Second...I think I'd be more flattered than jealous that someone has a crush on your Wade-- just means the girl's got impeccable taste in men..right?!

I think I may frequent his office a bit more often, and maybe make him a shirt that says "property of Melissa" (or Sommer)- you know, so she doesn't get any ideas.

Neika Boulter said...

too funny!!