Friday, April 16, 2010

All About Braydon

I have been needing to post some much deserved recognition to my sweet boy Braydon.  I am so proud of him!  He is so good, so cute, and so smart!  I feel so blessed to have such a smart and responsible son!  He recently recieved a Superstar award at school for academic and extra-curricular achievement. 
I was also such a proud mama when he paricipated in the 4th-6th grade spelling bee.  He is only in 4th grade, so one of the youngest, but he finished 8th place and was the last 4th grader and the last boy standing (for quite a while too!)  When he missed his word, he caught himself immediately, but couldn't retract his mistake.  He still knew lots of words like:
 (fear of he number 13) LOL.
We were so proud of Braydon and all of his efforts!

He also just recieved Best of Show in the Pinewood Derby for a car he did mostly all on his own (since wade was busy with finals!)

And here is the Cute cake he made for the Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts.  Sommer told me last night at the ballpark that there was a girl at the concession stand that didn't have enough money for her purchase and Braydon went up and gave her some change that he had.  That made me so happy that he would be kind and help someone.  He always is a joy in our family and I love my first born so sooo much!

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Ace said...

Is it weird that this post has me all choked up? I think it's because I am just so proud of him too! He is growing up to be such a good looking, smart and talented boy, with a big heart just like his parents. Wow.

You two are doing a tremendous job with that kid... all your children for that matter!

Way to go Brayd!!

I love ya.