Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parenting and Beauty

When I was between the ages of 16-19, I babysat for a family that became an extention of my own.  For so many reasons, I believe that family was put into my life.  One of the many, many things I learned from watching the mom of this family, was that even though she wasn't perfect, she LOVED her kids... a lot.  It was so obvious that she thought they walked on water.  She praised them all the time and bragged on them all the time too.  Never in a boastful or competitive way, for you could see it in her eyes just how her heart was full with adoration for them.  The most miraculous lesson for me, was that even though the kids weren't perfect either, I could tell how their mother's attitude toward them made them always want to please her.  I knew they worked extra hard to never disappoint her. It is amazing what praise can do! I miss them so much, but am so thankful for their example.  I knew when I had kids that I too would want to show them how proud I am of them all the time!  And my kids have made that super duper easy.  My heart too is full of adoration and pride for my children.  I feel so grateful for them.  Tremendous love. 
So, the other day when Sommer snatched my camera and took these pictures, I couldn't help but praise her for a great job.  It comes as no surprise to me that she is a great little photographer, because she always sees beauty all around her.  I am so glad we named her Sommer- I feel that it fits her perfectly.  Beautiful and warm, that girl is.  She took these photos in and around our yard with no help, prompts, or ideas but her own. 
Good job, My Sommer- shine. 
You are so good! 
I love you!


Karin said...

Great job Sommer!! Those are amazing! She should enter them into a contest. I am very impressed!

Tweeb and Danyette said...

How sweet. She does a great job, better than I could do.

Lori said...

These pictures are amazing! And I think you are an amazing mom!:)

Annie said...

Love it, I've been pondering parenting lately, and I'd like to be more like that lady.

Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

Wow! Sommer is so talented, and not only that, she is sweet like her mama! :)