Sunday, August 8, 2010


We went to Boondocks for Wade's summer work party.  It was super fun!  The kids had a blast!

Daddy was good at winning stuffed animals!

Chase had to measure up next to the Dinosaur sign- this is his favorite show!

I love the look on Sommer's face here. Not really expecting a picture taken.

We all got soaked on the boats.  We all have each other to thank for that. 

And proof that I was there!


Ace said...

This message is from your lousy friend...

you know, the one who PROMISED a phone call the other day and then left you hanging again.

I am a pooper.
Sorry that I am a pooper.

But I do love you..
Truly, I do.

This place looks like good times.
Too bad I hate arcades.
I'll make Tim take the kids-
Then I'll stay home and call my friend, and take her out to lunch, and try to win her affections back.


Melissa said...

Yes, Candace... You really will have to work hard to win my affections back.. haha. Whatever!

I think the world of you and I have been dealing with sick kids this week and then i got sick too, so I probably wouldn't have made the best conversationalist, unless you want to hear my belly aching.

However, I have been getting my plans in order for when school starts back and have been thinking, "hey, maybe now Candace and I can do lunch more again!" I so need some of your inspiration lately! :)

I will see you soon, for sure!