Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Little Miss Pageant

So, when Sommer asked me if she could do the Little Miss Pageant for our town, I have to admit, I wasn't really into it.  The word pageant brings to mind Toddlers and Tiaras and the scary moms on that show. haha.  But, I told her she could as long as she do it for the fun of it.  For her talent, she choreographed and performed her own tap dance.  I was really pleased with her efforts and attitude toward all the other girls' talents, dresses, etc.  She is really just such a sweet girl.  They performed a super cute dance as a group and I started to be so glad that she was involved in it!  She had to write an essay on how music influences her life, which I loved!  I believe in music sooo much in the development of children.  I am glad that she could ponder on what it meant to her.  She did a great job on that and her talent and I was a proud mama.
at the dress rehearsal the night before

(Backstage before her dance)

She wanted to buy a new dress, but I told her we had too many other expenses with school starting soon, but that I would make over one of her existing dresses.  We made a red sash, a bunch of rosettes for a headband, and then I just glued on some gems.

Her on stage question she was asked was, "What makes a good friend?"  I thought her answer was super cute. She said, "When they have your back and are always there for you, that's what makes a good friend."
In the end, she actually got the place of first attendant!  I was really happy for her and her hard work!  She was mostly excited because it meant she got to be in the parade.
The best part was making friends with new girls and celebrating their successes. The little girl that won queen was such an amazing singer and we knew she should win!  Sommer thought she was super sweet and talented and they had a good time together!  And of course, there were a lot of talented girls who didn't win anything but did a great job.
Can I just say how much I envy this girl's eye lashes?!  They are seriously sooooo long that putting mascara on them is a task because they reach the tops of her eyelids and eyebrows and make smudges!  It is a small price to pay I guess for such beautiful lashes!  Lucky gal!  She gets them from her Daddy! ;)

I took Sommer out for her own little photo shoot to celebrate her success. How on earth did I get such cute kids?  I'll never know! :)



Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

Congratulations, Sommer! You are very deserving of this honor -- you are such a sweet girl.

Ace said...

Way to go Sommer!!!

I am so proud of you sweet girl!

Wow Melissa, she is such a little beauty-- inside and out. I am so happy she had a good experience and that she did it all on her own!

You are an amazing mother and a true inspiration to me.

Congrats on your run too-- what an accomplishment for you both!

Neika Boulter said...

wow talk about beautiful! her eyelashes are amazing! good pictures... i love the casual one where she's running and her arms are up! too perfect

Alison said...

WOW!! Yay, Sommer!! She looks absolutely gorgeous!! So proud of her for her beauty inside and out!