Monday, November 22, 2010


I've always thought my dad's birth date was really kinda neat~
11-22-44.  And today is kind of a special birthday since he is turning 66.  I guess I just love numbers and love it when they are even like that! ;)
I got this picture of him and his sister, Gayle, a couple of years ago 
                             and I love it.  So sweet.

 When I was little, my dad always called me, "Melizard".  Now every time I hear lizard, I think of that.  There are also lots of funny stories about my dad and me from when I was little- like how my mom used to dress me up like an Indian since my dad thought I must have another father out there somewhere that was an Indian. Apparently, I was a very dark baby, especially when you compared me to all my very blond siblings.  Actually, I took after him and not my mom. But, I am sure there were many times he wished he could've pawned me off on someone else.  I also spoke my mind to him.  None of my other siblings would do that. 

Here is a photo with my dad, stepsister (Dana), and stepmom (Glenda- who is the WORLD"S Greatest stepmother!!! Seriously!!!)
Anyway, Happy Bday Daddy!  I look forward to the significance of #88! 


Charis said...

Did you know my mom's birthday was 11/22/42? How did I not know (or remember) that they shared a birthday! What a sweet post.

Lori said...

This is so sweet, Melissa. What great memories.