Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Domestic Goddess of this House (Hint: It's Not Me!)

                                             It's Livvy! 

These pictures are so typical of Livvy taking over my household jobs.  She is only 2 but she already can unload the dishwasher all by herself and put it all away (of course I'm an arm's length away!)

She loves her babies soooo much!  Most of them are named "Charlie", but she has a Skye and Daisy too.  Anytime we go anywhere, we have to pack them all up too.  She and I have some struggles about who needs to sit in the carseat.  She wants to buckle her babies.  When I tell her she has to, she gets upset and says that she is the Mommy!

She is so smart and sharp as a tack.  She doesn't miss a beat and is quick to correct the other kids when they are not doing something right.  It's kinda nice having someone else on my side! :)

The other night my neice was over and was pretending to be a doctor.  Livvy looked at her with the most proud smile and exclaimed, "I AM A MOMMY!"
I am so happy that she thinks this is the greatest job, because it really is!

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Charis said...

Oh you have her trained well. What a sweetheart!