Friday, January 14, 2011

LOVE child???


Every time I see chef Curtis Stone, I think he looks sooo much like an older version of my Chaser.  I think it is those big bright eyes and the thick dark eyelashes.  But then also when I see Curtis on The Biggest Loser smiling and making  cute expressions, I can't get over how much those expressions remind me of Chase too.  It's a little uncanny. 

          Who knows?...  Maybe I'm just hiding a big secret. ;)


Annie said...

They do look similar! He is a cutie.

Alison said...

Ha ha ha! I love it!!

Ace said...

They REALLY do!!


Well, if you are hiding a secret.. I'd like to know if you will share?

Not just the secret, but the actual man himself... you know, since we are practically sisters and share so much of everything else?

I am madly in love with Curtis. Truly, Madly, Deeply in love. I used to watch him daily on 'Take Home Chef' and then pray that I would run into him at the grocery store so I could bag him up and take him right on home with me. Well, I musta said that a time or two (too many) in front of Tim. Pretty sure he had something to do with making sure that man never stepped foot in Utah county!