Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Salad Trumps Corn Dogs

I am always so proud of this handsome boy, but recently he gave me one more reason. 

Braydon's 5th grade class was learning about laws and bills at school.  His teacher gave them an assignment of coming up with a "bill" to improve something about their classroom or school. 

Braydon immediately came up with the idea that school lunches needed to be better. Much better.  Currently, when students don't like what is the daily serving, they can opt for a corn dog.
According to Braydon, these corn dogs are gross and slimy.  Yuck!  So, Braydon wrote up a bill proposing that instead of corn dogs, there could be a salad bar.

Braydon's teacher loved the idea. As did the principle.  His teacher contacted to district's nutritionist, and he loved the idea as well.  The nutritionist paid Braydon's class a visit and brought all the salad toppings and the class got to have a taste testing.  The nutritionist said that if they can't afford a complete salad bar, they will assemble pre-made salads , with the suggestions of their favorite toppings from Braydon's class , and offer them as an option to replace the corn dogs.  All but two kids in Braydon's class are really excited and happy about this!

It will probably go into effect when school starts in the fall.
Also, they said the news may be coming to do a story on Braydon and his class and how they are getting healthy salads on the school lunch menu.
Way to go Braydon!  You are so awesome! :) I love you so much!

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Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

That is awesome! And I know my own kids will be excited about that change -- as will I! Way to go Braydon!