Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been sick this week. All week long! Ugh!
 Today, I'm a little better and I am trying to get my house back in order, one little spurt at a time (I'm taking lots of little breaks to catch my breath).  Oh man, my house really has fallen apart this week. 
I tend to get so down when I don't feel like I accomplish enough.  It really depresses me.  And mothers can't afford to get sick.  We just can't.  Not when there is so much to do.  I think it is easy to dwell on what we are  not accomplishing, but Wade keeps reminding me of the things I do accomplish.  He tells me how it is an accomplishment just to be home with the kids and let them know they are loved.  (He's a good guy! I love him!)
So, today I am trying to be grateful for some restored health, and for the fact that I get to be a stay-at- home mom. 
 It is challenging and the work never ends, but I am so thankful to my husband for working so hard so that I can be home with my kids.  With Chase in school half the day, I'm so glad that Livvy is still home with me.  I've just been enjoying her today and how much she makes me smile.  I feel so fortunate for all the little moments that make my days meaningful.   

Not so long ago...

4 months old

Livvy was the cutest baby!  And so sweet!  I miss this age!

Now she is such a sassy sweetheart.
Loves to dress up.
Loves dancing and singing.
She's loves watching the flowers grow in our flower garden.
She can keep up with the big boys and has no problem playing with cars, dinosaurs, airplanes, and Toy Story toys. 
I love how she says Rapunzel- "Sirpunzel"
She loves Woody and Jessie.

                          She's part princess and part cowgirl.
                   Her artistic expression is getting the better
                             of me lately.  (On furniture!) 

We have laughed about this following story a lot lately:
Livvy was totally offended by a boy named Conner in her gymnastics class when he told her she didn't own the Toy Story movie (a huge offense!).  So, now any time she gets mad at any of her siblings, she yells at them,
I guess if that's the worst thing she can think to call someone, that's not too bad. 
(However, I'm sure Conner's parents wouldn't agree.)

Look how much she's grown.  I'm so thankful she keeps me company every day.  I love this baby girl.  And I am so thankful that I have had equal amounts of time with all my kids. 
I know I can be a better mom. 
There are so many things I want to improve, but I am so thankful that I get the opportunity and that my Heavenly Father hasn't given up on me yet.
(Or my family for that matter!)

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