Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We LOVE Summer!  

I love that smile!

Chase (left) and his friend William
I love little feet in the air in photos! :)


I didn't get many pictures of Sommer. She and Sicily (her cousin) were all over the place having fun.

Livvy and Akasha (above)
Accidental focus, but I love it!

So refreshing.  I secretly wished I was playing in there with them!

Little Miss Cutesy

 Braydon was such a great helper with Livvy. He played with her most of the time.  He's such a good big brother and she loves him so much!  She's definitely in a "Braydon is my favorite" mood lately.
I think they look alike... And they'll probably look a lot more alike if Braydon doesn't get a haircut soon!  :)

Summer is so grand... Please don't ever leave...

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Melissa said...

chase said what a fun time