Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picturing the Future

We went to the parade this weekend in our little town.  It feels so great being part of such a wonderful little place to live, where my kids have great schools and friends, my husband serves on the fire department, and I am blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends. :)  I took lots of pictures of all the fun we had that day-out in celebration of our community.  Lots of cute pictures of my family.
Fortunately for me, Sommer took my camera at the parade and took some pictures too.  
And I ended up in a couple.
Like This one.

I used to think that one day my kids will look through all the pictures and wonder why I was never there.  
Of course, I was and am (just behind the lens).

Now, I wonder what Chase will think when he sees ones like this?  
(Like why on earth did I torture him so...)

Maybe being the "photographer" is a better option...   :)

LOL.  But I still kinda like this picture...  It makes me laugh :)

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Lori said...

this makes me want to move.
Love the picture!