Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission...

Braydon gave his last talk (as a youth) in Primary (at church) today.  He is heading to Young Men's in two weeks.  He was asked to speak on missionary work.  He gave a wonderful talk. He was well prepared and spoke like such a confident young man. I couldn't hold back the tears.
And it sounded like a mission farewell.
I guess I need lots of preparation for that day. 

Some highlights from his talk:
He quoted President Monson,
“Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary. Keep yourselves clean and pure and worthy to represent the Lord.”
 He also shared this funny story.  Elder Theodore Tuttle said,
"When the prophet of God declares that now is the time to lengthen our stride and to increase our missionary force, now is the time!"

Elder Tuttle talked with a young man about a mission. The young man said, “I don’t want to go.”

Elder Tuttle asked, “What has that got to do with it? We need you.”

(I hope Braydon will always remember this!)

He shared a story from Wade's mission and said how he was excited for the privelege to be the first person to serve a full-time mission in his mom's side of the family. 

Indeed, what an honor!  I wasn't the only person crying at his talk. Other ladies looked at me with tear-filled eyes (which only made me lose it more!)
I am so proud of Braydon. He is such a wonderful boy. He has such a strong spirit!

I told him when we got home how proud I am to be his mom. His words,
"It's the other way around. I am lucky to be your son."
I sooo love this boy!
I hope he will always have the desire to serve a full time mission when he turns 19.

It was a day to remember for sure.  My heart is so full. I am so blessed. And I'm so grateful!

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