Sunday, December 11, 2011

Always an Adventure

Oh how I love this little guy.  We have been spending lots of time together.  We are trying out home schooling right now.  Chase is such a great learner and loves to study.  He's a great student, but has had a difficult time in school when he feels bored.  He did get moved to 2nd grade, and is excelling at all the assignments.  He loves his friends and I hated to take him out of school, but he has had more anxiety in school this year than I've ever seen and I couldn't stand by and watch; doing nothing.  :(  This year has been hard for me as I want to do the best thing for him.  I've prayed a lot to know what will be right.  Who knows what next year will bring, but for now, we feel as a family that his best, happiest place is at home- learning at his own pace, and getting lots of love and encouragement from mama (and unlimited encyclopedia time)  :)  And actually, in a lot of ways, its home schooling more for me, since he's the one teaching me about everything. 

I asked him what he hoped to get for Christmas. "Smithsonian Handbooks," he told me. When I asked on what topics, he told me anything.  He would like any of them, that he would take any new books to read.  I love how he just loves to learn about anything and everything he can.  As a mother, I want him to have the best of everything, and every opportunity. I am learning that maybe what I traditionally want for my children is not what is always what is right for them as individuals, especially for Chase. He is his own little person- amazingly different than anyone I know. :)

He has so many plans, this kid.  I only hope we can help him accomplish them.  

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