Friday, December 30, 2011

Modesty for Christmas...

A couple of months ago, Livvy ran to me from the other room and SOOO excitedly, said,
"MOMMY!!!!  I just saw a commer-sal for a new Barbie, and...

I asked, "She did?"
She replied, "Yes! I ca.a.nn believe it!  I want one for Christmas, Mommy, I really do!"  Then she went on to describe the clothing, which details I can not remember.  Most likely because the wheels in my head were turning.

I then said chuckling, "Livvy, you do know that ALL Barbies come with clothes when you buy them, right?"
She looked at me puzzled and said, 
"They do?"

I immediately start laughing so hard.
You see, whenever I find or wash random doll clothes, I don't actually find the doll they belong to. Like any good mother, I tuck them neatly in a well hidden plastic drawer inside the girl's closet.  
But I honestly didn't realize that Livvy not only didn't know where they were, but that she entirely didn't even know they existed.  She just happily plays with a bucket of naked Barbies. End of Story.
Well, that and now it makes sense why she dresses our kitty with baby clothes.  
(Bless her heart, trying to fulfill some innate desire to clothe and care for her babies.)

So for Christmas, we made sure she got some well dressed dolls.  I can't guarantee that they'll stay that way and that I'll make an effort to dress them in the future, some days its a chore just dressing myself. 
Just kidding.
But now, little Livvy will know that some dolls do come with clothes and are not actually meant to be naked.  
And I do promise to do a FHE lesson on modesty real soon.

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Candace said...

That was the BEST!

Modesty aside, I don't think she had it wrong. Cam got a dollhouse for Christmas and 'yours truly' got lassoed into playing Barbies for about 2 hours. Which I was (ashamed) actually kind of excited about. Until she suggested we have a fashion show. Have you tried dressing a Barbie doll these days?!? I think we got through 3 outfit changes and *ding-ding* time was up-- Lame-o!

Stick to the nudie barbies Liv... I'd take quality play over clothes any day! I mean let's be honest Lis, would clothes even need to exist if we looked like Barbie? I think not.

And Yes, I really did set a timer... just in case you wondered.