Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Slightly Altered Nativity Story...

This is one for the books. A- Must Jot Down Now- Story (because it is just so cute.) :)
I just love kids imaginations. I love that their worlds are an interwoven pattern of fantasy, reality, and possibility.  I love Livvy's little thoughts, words, and expressions right now.
Oh, how I love her expressions!!!
 Her eyes get so big when she is telling you something exciting and she can be so animated... or subtle (depending on her mood).  She is so receptive.  Little Miss Perception is what she is called around our house.  She doesn't miss or forget a thing- i.e. anything she's heard in the far or recent past. 
(Like how she explained to Wade today that before she was born she was just a twinkle in Mommy's eye.)

 She remembers everything (almost). And if she gets something out of sorts, its okay, because her version is much, much cuter. 
Such as:

As I was putting away our Nativity last week,  and without making a sound, Livvy came into the living room and knelt in front of the piano bench. She looked at the picture on the Nativity box for several minutes, while I wrapped and packaged the pieces. She loved the Nativities this year and was always playing with them. 
I let her since she was very careful and respectful with them. 
When she looked up at me finally, it was with this darling bright eyed expression of tenderness and remembrance. 
She spoke so sweet and pointing to Mary on the box said,

"OH- Mommy! I know!!!   The fairy came and told her she was going to have a baby!"

She was so proud to have remembered that special part of the story. 
So I want to remember it forever too. 
I love her. :)

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