Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dream Home

Remember this HGTV dream home given away a couple of months ago?  
I know I always will.  As will everyone in my family.

From the moment Chase found out about this grand give-away, he entered for us every day.  He would literally jump out of bed-5 or 6 am, as soon as his conscious little brain reminded him that he could enter again.  I would wake up to him watching every virtual tour of the home and he HAD to show me what all we were going to do in our new home.  Believe me, I prepped him a thousand times and said that I was so proud of his dreams, dedication, and excitement, but many many people wanted to win that home.  We'd hope, but not get our hopes too high. He always agreed with a smile and uh-huh, but  I was so worried that this would end badly.  

However, I just had to kiss him every time his cute face would light up over HIS dream home.  
I know if the odds were based off desire alone, Chase would've won that house.  And he knew every square inch of it and all the other construction details. 

The day came that HGTV would announce the winner. I told the kids that day that 
I am sure we DID NOT win, 
because the filming was probably already completed with the surprise winner.  But leading up to that day, all the kids, including Livvy, would pray that we would win that house "for Chase."  Even neighbors said the same, and I always had to chuckle at how many hearts were rooting for 
my 7 year old boy.

I took the kids to my moms that evening because I needed a few last things for my calling at church the next day (I served as the children's music leader then).  Although I too wanted to see the "Big Reveal", I just had too much to still do that night.  
My mom agreed to watch the program with the kids.

A little later, she called...
yep, the one I was dreading.  
Oh, the guilt and worry I was feeling for not being there!!!

She said, "Now, I'm not telling on Chase to get him in trouble, but I thought you might want to know what he just did."
(oh no...)
"Well... " she continued, " He watched the show for a bit until they surprised the winner and then he got upset.  He went over to the computer, sat in the chair, and in less than a minute had moved all my desktop files to the recycle bin."

I think I must've scared the checkout lady at Target when I started laughing hysterically. My mom started laughing too.   I didn't even know he knew how to do that.  Luckily, Wade took over and paid so I could walk out and try to catch a breath.  
Maybe it doesn't seem that funny now, but its just one of the typical random acts of Chase that keep life interesting.  
Everyone later asked me why he did that.  It seemed obvious to me that if you spent that much time trusting that this electronic device would verify you as the rightful winner, but then failed you, you'd send it to the recycle bin too.  Or straight to the trash. ;)

The next day he and I had a good cry.  It was so sad.  And just as in my mind, I was thanking my lucky stars that at least now it is over and we don't have to enter and wait anymore, he stopped his tears and brightened up just enough to tell me that he did see the commercial for the next house and he can enter for that one real soon.


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Andrea said...

I love this story! What an amazing little guy you have! :)