Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Package

This is what I got for my bday- a package of honeybees. :)
I've wanted honeybees forever. 

My name means honeybee, so I think its kinda my destiny.
I recently thought of the similarities  between us.
I LOVE summer.
and flowers, and sugar. ;)
And, I  HUM a lot-especially when I'm working.  Just ask my husband- I drive him crazy. LOL
Plus I use raw honey as much as I can in cooking, for allergies, and it is the BEST thing on a burn, hands down-including sunburns. Thinned in a little water, I spread it on my kids shoulders or faces, and within 30 minutes, the redness has softened to a pale pink.  Its a miracle in my book!  Hopefully, now I can have my own honey for free!  (Raw honey ain't cheap!)

These little creatures fascinate me and I am hoping for a successful beekeeping year!  I was really nervous at first, but these girls are super gentle and sweet.  I received about 10,000 bees in the package and the queen lays about 1000 eggs per day.  Amazing!  I have loved reading about their system and housekeeping.  It is a perfected art.  I hope my family can learn a thing or two from them! :)

  Although I have a lot of experience and confidence to gain, I have been surprised how easy they are to work with. 
I know it sounds crazy, but I just love them already. 

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