Thursday, June 7, 2012

Livvy Logic

 Livvy is definitely at that age where her ideas are just so cute! 

 Here are a few of her recent thoughts:

(Livvy) "Mommy and Daddy, Can I please watch a show?"

(Us) "No, we are about to have Family Home Evening.

(Livvy) "PLEASE??!!  Can I watch one?  I will listen to BOTH!!! I have two ears!" 

"Mommy, if you would have another baby, it could be a boy and we could name him
Samuel or Luke or Dynamite!  Dynamite would be a good name!" 

 (No, I'm not pregnant, much to her dismay.)

"Daddy ((Big SIGH)), I guess I can be a big sister when I get to heaven."

(I guess she's given up on us to get the job done. LOL)

As we were hiking last week and keeping the kids from the ledge, Livvy commented,
"If they glued the mountains together, there wouldn't be an edge to fall off!" :)

These photos really have nothing to do with this post, but I just like them because they are fun.
And that's my good logic. :)

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Lori said...

Oh, she is a cutie! Don't you love the things they say. I love, love, love that swing! Great photos!