Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time Flies!

It seems like Braydon just started kindergarten... So hard to believe now that he just graduated from elementary school/ 6th grade!

What happened to my little boy???

Braydon's 6th grade graduation photo

Braydon is such a good kid!  He is a delight (most of the time!)  :)   He is super responsible and smart.
He is a really hard worker.  He graduated with straight A's and great citizenship too. 

 The 6th grade teachers asked him to make an end of the year video for all the 6th grade because of his video and computer skills.  He worked very hard putting together all the photos he had taken, adding great music and special effects to the video.  It turned out great and we were all so proud of him!

It's so hard thinking of sending your baby (even if its your oldest) to Junior High, but I know Braydon is going to continue to bring fun and excitement to our lives and I love seeing him learn and grow.  He has great goals- even wants to be valedictorian one day.  I'm okay with that! ;)  Plus, he's just so fun!  Braydon is such a tease.  He has great taste in music and can dance so well.  He's not shy!
Braydon always keeps us laughing, and on track too!  
I feel so proud to say he's my son.  Love this handsome boy!


Tweeb and Danyette said...

My oldest is going to middle school as well and I am NOT ready to let her:( Btw, the cake turned out AWESOME! Everyone loved it and it was delicious. I mostly enjoyed the kids faces when I cut into it:) Thank you for taking time to find me the recipe, I appreciate it!

Lori said...

Melissa, your comments on my blog always make me smile. You are so kind to write such detailed, genuine comments. It makes me miss you. I have a feeling if I had stayed in Utah, we would have been doing a lot of walking and running around that beautiful lake. You are such a great mom and I learn so much from you. I can't wait to see you again.