Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Secret that Changed the Game/ Baseball Lessons: Part 2

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A week passed by with no mention of baseball at all.  It really was practically forgotten.  Braydon, Sommer, and Livvy had lots of practices for their dance recital that was coming up, so we were pretty busy.  

As I was rushing around the next game day,  getting ready for dance practices, I felt a blanket of calm assurance wash over me that prompted me to take Chase to his game. I was so surprised, since I didn't feel it was a consideration anymore.  But there was no room for doubt in my mind.  I just knew we needed to go.  I wasn't sure why, I just knew.   I didn't even know what time the game started so I went and checked the schedule.  It was in an hour.  Just barely enough to time to hurry and get ready, drive Sommer to practice, and get back to the ball field.  

I called to Chase and when he came to me, I said to him, 
"Chase, I feel like we need to go to your baseball game tonight."

I braced myself for rejection, but he just said, "You do??"
"Yes! I really do!" I said excitedly, and I grabbed his uniform and we got him dressed quickly.  

It was effortless! I couldn't believe it!  The kids all helped to get out the door fast, grabbing dance shoes and ball gloves.  They filled their water bottles as hope filled my heart. 

However, not even a block down the road, Chase slumped in his seat.  
 "I can't do it!"  He said.

Ugh! My bubble instantly popped.  
When Chase makes up his mind, that's pretty much it.  He has a lot of ambition and totally believes he will one day travel through portals and make new discoveries, but hitting a baseball was a completely different story.  

It may sound crazy, but I have felt for quite some time that Chase and I are like one soul. ;)  Our emotions go so hand in hand.  For some reason, we feed off of each other more than anyone I've ever known.  If I'm stressed and don't even say a word, Chase always knows and quickly will be anxious too. He makes me keep things in check!  And if he gets down, I feel his pain so strongly.  Its a connection that is so strong, I often wonder how and why?  But there's no denying that we share emotions.  

I felt so heavy in that instant, feeling his sadness.  Energy and excitement zapped.  Not that I wanted to give up, but I thought if I tried too hard to coerce him, that it would turn into a meltdown and take every bit of strength I had- for nothing.  Only create more stress, for all of us.

 I sent up a quick and quiet, very heartfelt prayer.  I told Heavenly Father I felt we should go, and now I didn't know what to do.  I prayed to know how to help Chase.

Instantly, a thought came to my mind.  I took every bit of energy I could muster at the moment to sound enthusiastic, and said, 

(Me)  Chase, do you want to know a secret?
(Chase)  Sure...
(Me)  Well, this is a really important secret.  Its pretty special.  Most kids don't know it, but it is a pretty amazing baseball secret.
(Chase, a little intrigued) What is it?
(Me)  Well, I'd have to know you can appreciate it, because its such a good one.

I spent the next several minutes as we drove REALLY building his suspense and enthusiasm.  His demeanor was changing, and my hope was building. 
When he was adequately primed, I began.

"I have a secret about Babe Ruth." I whispered. :)

I told him about Babe Ruth and what an amazing ball player he was;  how Babe had the most home runs than any other ball player.  

Chase was excited to tell me that he had read about Babe Ruth in one of his encyclopedias.  
I went on and on about Babe Ruth and the inspiration he became for so many people.
I took my time raving over The King of Swing.

Then I quietly asked if he wanted to know the secret 
(which probably everyone knows, haha). 

Of course he said yes!  

I said, "Babe Ruth is known for his record setting home runs, but he also set another record most people don't remember."
"WHAT?" Chase begged.
 "He also set the record for the most strike outs!" I told him.

"Really?" he asked.

After confirming, I asked Chase, "How could he have a record for both strike outs and home runs???"

Chase hung his head as he said, " I guess he didn't give up."

It was such a tender little statement, so reflective and meek.  I began expressing my thoughts on how we have to put ourselves out there.  It doesn't matter if we strike out every time, we can still have fun and learn to believe in ourselves.  I told him how important it is to have experiences and be brave, even when its hard.  I also explained that people still remembered the best in Babe- not the strike outs, just the home runs. 

If we are doing our best and have a good attitude, people will see the good in us.

Chase loved our little secret and asked if I had any more stories like that, and I then told him about Rudy, and also George Lucas with Star Wars.  
( He couldn't believe anyone could doubt the success of Star wars!) 

I shared how they all could have given up, but they believed in their dreams instead.  
And their dreams were stronger than disappointments.  

The mood was lighter. 
Chase was smiling and looking out his window. 

"How about we get to the game," I said.
"Okay," he said with a grin.

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Awww, I am loving this little series Melissa. Love you and your Chase!! :)

Karin said...

You're such a good mom! I'm so glad you shared all of that with us.