Sunday, August 5, 2012

July Photo A Day Challenge

Even though I don't have instagram, I love THIS photo a day challenge.  I just followed the list and did my own mock version.  It think it is fun and special to document something little from each day.  People have said this photo a day is life-changing.  I can see that.
I think the little moments get passed by so quickly but are so important.  This is a small way to open my eyes and document pieces of our days that may be forgotten later.  I love this challenge because this is our everyday life.  And it feels like I'm counting my blessings. So, mine aren't uploaded to instagram, but I'll post them here until I get it and I think it will make a fun print off too.

1. Self Portrait- In the car. Sunglasses, Ponytail. Summer day.
2. Busy- Making a big southern dinner for my neighbor's family and us.  Fried chicken, zucchini fritters, lima beans with okra, salad, and biscuits. My kitchen was hot, but it was worth it.  I love feeding my family soul food. ;)
3. Favorite Part of My Day- Swimming with the kiddos.
4. Fun-With the Kids Seeing Wade in the Freedom Festival Parade. He usually drives some veterans. This year he escorted BYU's ROTC.
5. On the Floor-Toys. Always Toys.
6. Chair-The Recliner. Best seat in the house.  Wade & Livvy get comfy.
7. Garden. Chickens in our garden.
8. Lunch- Mostly just piecing on chicken, strawberries, cheetos, and peach fresca.
9. Big- My Zinnias are getting so big!
10. Favorite Color- Red.  Red's always been my favorite color.
11. Letter. A  recent letter from Livvy scripted by Sommer. It reads:
                   Dear Mommy, I wondered if you could ask everyone if they could give me a lot of  presents for my birthday. I really want to play with you with my card game. Play with me everyday.                     Love, Livvy
          (Her birthday is no where near but obviously we need ample time to get her lots. LOL)
12. Texture- Fresh Blackberries (hand picked by my hubby) on oatmeal. Yummy... :)
13.Open- A peak in the beehive (and lots of honey-Yay!)
14. Building- The kid's new dance studio being built- and super close to us!
15. Finger- A CTR ring on Livvy's little finger.
16. Sign- "Now Open" sign on the new 50's style soda fountain in our local pharmacy.  We've        
       been excited to ride our bikes down there this summer. :)
17. My Addiction-  Crushed Ice. I love it.
18. Plate- Braydon batting at home plate.  A family game of baseball.
19. Animal- Our Kitty in the flower garden. This is her happy place. She loves laying in the flowers.  She is so sweet.
20. Eyes. Livvy's eyes so bright and happy after a ride in Daddy's jeep.
21. 9 O'Clock- Livvy falling asleep on Narnia as we read for bedtime.  She refuses to lay on her pillow when I read for fear she will miss something.
22. Upside Down- Sommer & Livvy on the couch.
23. Mirror- I call Chaser my mirror because we reflect each other a lot.
24. A stranger- Out at the lake.  Who says you need a boat in the lake?  This looks way more fun!
25. Heart- Making Sugar Cookies, Chase made this one for Mommy.  And I didn't tell him I
       needed a heart pic that day.  Just worked out perfectly. :)
26. Sunshine- And RAIN!! It was glistening and beautiful. We had fun playing in it! I LOVE summer rain mixed with the warm sun.
27. On the road- I didn't take a pic early in the day so later I took  this picture while I was on the road.  What a gorgeous night!
28. Cup- Sommer and chocolate milk.
29. Last Thing I bought- Baking Supplies for a lego birthday cake. Chase turned 8 this day!
30. Calm- After major wind storms, there was finally a calm, so Livvy and I went on a bike ride.
 31. Toothbrush- Cleaning the kids toothbrushes in lemon water.

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