Sunday, December 8, 2013

Disneyland 2013

Earlier this year when we went to California, we got to take the kids to Disneyland. This is our second trip ever.  Our last trip was four years ago when Livvy was a baby, so this really was her first real Disneyland experience.  We were so excited to see her anticipation. We all had a great time.  It really is such a magical place! I couldn't choose just a couple of photos to post.  So, I uploaded way too many.  :)

Chase loves navigating and loves using maps wherever we go.  This is just so typical of him and I love it.  

I love how the photo of my boys- Braydon being the good big brother!

I loved having so much time with the kids and Wade.  Life just gets so busy.  
We had a blast together.

Doesn't this smile just tell it all?

One of the days we were there was the first day for the new princess attraction.  There are three princesses to meet at each time. This was Livvy waiting to meet Ariel.

 Ariel is Mommy's favorite too.  ;)

We definitely had to get the huge corn dogs.  Oh my heavens.  Makes me crave one now!
And I don't even usually like hot dogs.  
But oh so good!!!

I just love Disneyland and think they have the best customer service! We had to ask for help with things a couple of times and they always went above and beyond! I was so impressed!
And as always, I love fast passes!
And soarin' over california.  
It is one of our favorite rides!

Livvy's most favorite ride was the carousel.  Yup! She is so obsessed with horses, so we had to ride the carousel a few times! 

I loved going to Mickey's Toon Town- something we missed on our last trip.  It is so fun!
I made Wade get a photo in front of the fire station.

Meeting Mickey was awesome!

And playing in Minnie's house!

Love these sweet, happy faces!

Livvy is such a Daddy's girl and rode 90% of the rides with him.  
She soaked up every minute of Daddy being with us all day and
not at work! :)
Me too!

But she's still a mama's girl too! 
And still my baby...

It worked out great too to ride lots of rides with Chase, since he is definitely a mama's boy! :)

Fun family pic with Donald.  And since we haven't really gotten a good family pic this year, 
I'm thinking
Christmas card? 

Livvy first spotted Cruela DeVille, but would not go near her.  She was incredible.  So funny with the kids! Genuinely scary-  Just ask Livs...

Braydon and Sommer had a blast riding lots of the big rides this year.  
They are growing up too fast!
Braydon is a big time thrill seeker! 

We also fell in love with the famous Dole Whips.  
Oh my! 

The new Cars Land was open and I was blown away! I had no idea what we had in store!
It was incredible! I wish we had had more time to spend there.  So so fun!

 Chase is so sweet and asked us to buy this trophy for ourselves from him.  We didn't, but I did get a picture.  The memory was all I needed.  ;)

Radiator Springs Racers attraction was phenomenal.  Definitely our favorite ride! It's like a roller coaster in cars.  It was so fun! 

 Wade is such a car guy so we had to get a dorky picture of us, cause, why not?

And one more family pic to send off the incredible time we had!

I hope we can go again soon!

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Lori said...

Melissa, yay! I'm so glad you ran into Audra. I was going to call her to get your number so we could get together! I can't wait to see your cute pregnant belly and adorable children! I will call you after Christmas. We will be getting out there right before but I do not want to leave without seeing you!

Love all the Disney pictures! That looked like one dreamy, magical vacation!