Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Pregnancy Post

I'm officially due in 5 days with our new little baby girl!! 
We are all anxious for her arrival.  I wish she'd come this weekend so we can spend more time together as a family, but at the latest, my doctor will induce me next Wednesday on my due date.

We are still working on a name and are going to have to see her to make the final decision.
We did get a little peek at her face via 4D ultrasound a couple of months ago.  A lot can change in two months, but Wade and I both think she looked a lot like her big sis, Liv.  We can't wait to see her in person and hold her in our arms.  

Its hard in some ways to believe that this pregnancy is almost at its end, even though I definitely feel ready too! A lot of people ask me if this pregnancy is harder with my age, compared to pregnancies in my twenties... I'm 35 now.  
Honestly, I really feel blessed in that respect.  Yes, I have definitely had my share of pregnancy symptoms- nausea and sickness for the first trimester, tired often, and now at the end my hips are killing me when I sleep, so I never sleep long before I have to roll over again. And I do think my feet have swelled more with this pregnancy than in the past (and really not too bad).  But, I would say that this pregnancy has been much easier than my last- 6 years ago.  With Livvy, I was sick the whole time.  Things have been much more manageable this time.  The hardest part is probably being tired.  But that too, I think has had more to do with circumstances rather than age.  
Life is more demanding now with kids in lots of activities and going so many different directions, so I am on the go all the time.  There is rarely time for breaks and rest.  Not to mention there is more housework etc these days!
Overall, I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and hoping that the delivery will also go well.

Here are a few more pregnancy shots I have with this little peanut.

32 Weeks @ the fire station with my sweet firefighter hubby:

 34 weeks:

And the last one (since I am feeling so huge now!), last week
@ 38 weeks:

While we wait, I am trying to clean house and finish last minute projects. 
I just finished making her car seat cover. 
Oh, and I cut my hair! So short for me.  See last photo for a glimpse.
I guess I needed easy for these next few months!

Hurry up little one!


Lori said...

Oh you are so adorable pregnant! I love the pregnancy picture
of you and your husband in the fire fighter gear! You need to frame that! Adorable!!!! Your hair looks so cute! I hope all goes well with the delivery! I can't wait to meet her!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

GOOD LUCK with the labor and delivery! I can't wait to "meet" her. I agree--that pic with your hubby should be framed!