Friday, March 7, 2014

Ruby's Birth Story

The story of Ruby's birth:
(that ends with one sweet baby and about a million pictures)

40 Weeks- Just hours before having Ruby

Since I hadn't gone into labor on my own, and probably a good thing too since Wade had to travel for work the week before my due date, I was admitted for an induction on my due date.  
We were initially told to come in at 6:30 but the hospital called me at 5:30 and said they had had a busy night and didn't have a room for me yet and to call back and check at 7:30.  When I called at 7:30, they were still busy.  I was told to call back at 9:30.  I had a terrible headache all that night, so I took some tylenol and tried to lay down and rest.  Finally they called me about 9:00 am and said to come on in.  After we got there, they took a while at the admit desk, and then finally admitted she was stalling because they still were working on getting me a room.  Shortly after, we got a room and got started.  I actually needed 4 hours of an IV antibiotic because I tested positive for group B strep so they started that and said they would start pitocin later.  However, my Dr came in a while later and broke my water.  I told them my labors go fast and was concerned that breaking my water would speed things along too quickly, but they didn't worry since I wasn't in labor yet or on pitocin.  

Me & My Big Belly
After breaking my water, they discovered there was meconium in the amniotic fluid and a lot of it.  Later I would learn that the cord was around the baby's neck and causing some distress.  My nurse was wonderful but did prepare me for what would happen after delivery- the baby would need to be suctioned out by the breathing team and I wouldn't get to hold her right away.  And there was the possibility that she would need to go straight to the NICU because the meconium was thick and not a good situation.  They did an ultrasound too to make sure she wasn't breech or in further distress.  The baby was doing great.  I on the other hand, was starting to get emotional.  Mainly in part because during my pregnancy, I kept having this recurring nightmare that my baby would end up in the NICU and I wouldn't be able to be with her.  As soon as my Dr and nurse stepped out, I leaned on Wade and cried.  I also was still battling my terrible headache and was feeling sick.  

Wade is always such a great labor partner.  
And sure enough, even without pitocin, I did start into labor on my own since my water was broken.  My nurse also became concerned since they wanted me to have the complete 4 hours of antibiotic and I was dilating too fast. They decided to put fluid back in to the baby to flush the meconium out and that also helped slow things down a bit.   

I think the photo above is kinda funny.  We were watching the monitor in between contractions and you can see the pain in my face and the anticipation on Wade's.  

Wade rubbing my back through contractions.
I really had wanted an unmedicated birth but they did start some pitocin at the end and although I was handling the contractions fine, honestly the worst pain I felt was my headache! Each contraction would make my head just pound- so much so that it made me throw up and feel soooooo sick.  I never have had a labor that I felt so bad as this one.  I was worried after a while that something was wrong because I felt so awful- that feeling where something doesn't feel right, but you don't know what or why.  It was not fun. I received an epidural hoping it would help me feel better but it only numbed my left side.  My right side could feel everything.  Luckily, only about 30 minutes later, I yelled at Wade to get the Dr now because I needed to push!  I did love not being so numb that I could feel my body's cues.  Minutes later my sweet little baby was born.  Unfortunately, Wade didn't get to cut the cord because the Dr wanted to get her to the breathing team as quickly and gingerly as possible.  

Born January 29
2:59 pm
Lots and lots of hair!

My nurse told me after she was born that she thinks the meconium had just happened and thats why it appeared thick because she didn't sustain any of the normal complications they expected.  Yay! No NICU! 

 Getting cleaned up by the nurse

On her way to be weighed

7 lbs 9 oz

Because I didn't know when I would get to hold her, when they finally brought her to me, I cried.  I was just so happy and relieved to see and hold my sweet baby finally!

I ended up crying off all my makeup.  So much for wanting to look nice for pictures.  haha

Wade was so happy to get his turn as well.  :)

I had only seen the baby for minutes when all the family came in. And with all the tears I didn't get a long enough look at her. 
The kids were so excited.  Braydon and Sommer immediately started taking pics to post on instagram.  I said to them, 
"Can I please see her before all the world does on instagram??"
They just said, "Too late."
It was quite funny actually.  
Everyone was taking pics with every kind of device you can think of:
camera, phones, leap pads, and Wade's parents pulled out their iPad.
My nurse laughed and said she had NEVER seen a more photographed baby ever.  :)

Once upon a time, Sommer thought we should be done having babies.  I think she changed her mind. :)

Sharing pics on IG

Our first family picture as a family of SEVEN!!!
Welcome Sweet Ruby!
We all love her so much!

*thanks to my niece Gabi for being my photographer that day! 

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Lori said...

I love this story! So happy for you and your sweet family! She is beautiful!! I love all the pictures. Your niece did an amazing job and I'm so jealous I didn't do this with each of mine!