Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Temple Square

We went to Temple Square for a fun family evening.  This was our last big outing before the baby is born, and since it is winter too.  We  tend to stay indoors more all winter.

                               It was a beautiful evening!  Just so lovely!

      A quick family snapshot. Of course Chase is closing his eyes! :)
    I am 7 1/2 months pregnant here- getting big!  But I haven't been too uncomfortable with this baby.  She doesn't kick me in the ribs too much. Especially compared to Chase.
Wade here was showing the boys the symbols on the temple.  They were very intrigued.  And Wade is so handsome- even when he blinks.  What a cute hubby I have! ;)

                             Little Sommer-shine. 6 years old
 And Chase is 3.  Of course he is making faces for his picture.  Silly boy!

                                Sommer and Josie are such good friends. 

We all love seeing the Christus. I was impressed at how Braydon just studied it for so long when we were there!
This was a great night!

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