Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer is here!

Summer is in full swing and this month has already been super busy! I decided to just do one really big post and summarize our summer so far!

Our Olivia Brynne, what a sweetie. Isn't it crazy how fast 4 months goes by? I know I sound like a broken record, but time always escapes me. She is so much fun right now. Such a happy little girl, we love her!

Here is my little garden. I worked so hard getting it going this year. Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, strawberries, and raspberries. I spent a whole saturday digging and planting and I took this picture at Charis' request. It's a good thing too, because after I came in and was cleaning up, my house had that eerie lack of noise. I instantly thought, "where is Chase?!?" I go back out, only to find Chase massacring my poor little plants with a pair of scissors. This picture is what used to be a tomato plant. I was so angry! I called Wade and told him he better hurry home. I was really losing my cool! Surprisingly, the plants are coming back. They are fighters! :) I just hope we still get our fruits and vegetables in time. Isn't he just a work of art? He sure is sweet when he is sleeping!

See, the little sore on Chase's nose? He decided to doctor it a bit. He kinda missed the mark, but it gave me a good laugh. Such a funny kid!

My baby is getting so big so fast. Pretty soon, she won't be able to sleep in the bassinet anymore since she is pushing up and grabbing everything. I am just not ready to put her in her other room in the crib yet! I will miss her! It's so nice watching her sleep (and not having to get out of bed to feed her in the middle of the night. :)

We were getting ready to go somewhere one day and I found Chase in the bathroom getting ready. So pretty! :)

Our little Livvy Brynne 4 & 1/2 months old. Such a fun age. She didn't mind the teacup as much this time that I put her in it like when she was a newborn.

Wade's birthday and Father's Day fell on the same day this year. Happy Bday Wade!

without her 2 front teeth. We've kept the tooth fairy in business the last month!

Kids at the park.

on first base at his baseball game. He's a pretty good hitter, too!

Chuck E Cheese

These baby bumbo chairs are so cute! Our little one loves it!

I painted my outside doors from an ugly hunter green to black and am so much happier with it. I think it matches the brick so much better as well. The shutters are next!

Our rose bushes have just begun to bloom and I love the colors. Having bought this house in the winter, we didn't know what colors they would be, but they are just what I would choose myself. I love the pastels! However, they weren't so fun when Braydon fell off the porch straight into one of the bushes! It was aweful! These pictures don't even give justice to how cut up he got all the way up to his stomach and wrists. Now, 2 weeks later, we finally got out the last thorn. Those suckers really are hard to get out. In the last picture, you can see how the bush was smashed flat by his landing. No fun! It made me want to rip them all out! I think we will leave them, but maybe install a new railing to our porch.

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