Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So many milestones!

This month little Livvy Brynney has met a plethora of of milestones! She is so cute and funny. At her 6 month check-up, she weighed 13 lbs, 8 oz. -- exactly doubling her birth weight. She also was 24 inches in height (or lack of, lol). That put her in the 9th percentile in weight and the 3rd or so in height. What she lacks in height, she sure makes up in personality. She has the sweetest smile ever! She has been waving to us and you can tell she is so proud of herself for this accomplishment! It kindof goes like this--We wave to her, she looks down at her hands, fingers start moving and she waves with both hands and then she smiles soooo big and giggles. She also has been crawling and can really move fast! She started pulling up too. I left her in her bassinet for as long as possible. It was so nice having her right next to me in my room and she loved her bed so much! And so have I! It is round and provides a little more room, I think, than a traditional bassinet. Well, one night, I laid her down and she immediately pulled up on the side and stood up. I grabbed my camera and just watched as my baby literally grew up in that second. So, to the crib she went-- in her room. It still makes me tear up to think about because I miss her! So far, she actually is waking up more often too. I guess it is going to be an adjustment to all of us! She has learned to call for "mamamamama" when she cries or sees me and I can't pick her up that minute. She doesn't say it for Wade or anyone else- just me. It is so sweet! She is eating baby food now and really likes all the food. The only funny face she ever gave me was for apple juice. But she loves her veggies. Next week we start Kindermusik, and I am so excited to teach her Village class! The curriculum is Zoom buggy & Dream pillow and they are so cute. It is going to be soo fun! Hopefully I can get someone to take some pics throughout the semester while I am teaching. I'm also teaching the toddler and preschool age classes, which Chaser will attend me. Well, that is Livvy's 6 month in a nutshell. We sure love her! Isn't she growing up fast?


thenorths said...

Write something nice. Umm, no erase that. Andy, ha ha ha, just write... ok write Melissa we are so glad we found your site. I was typing in and instead of & and it kept telling me it was not a site. Your kids are cute and getting so big. You still look young and beautiful. Hey hey hey, erase the first part. Andy if you post it like that I will be mad. Quit, quit, quit.

north5 said...

Sorry about the last set of comments. This is Andy and I was typing what Meghan was telling me then she got mad and tried to take away the computer and as it turns out your address does not have an & in it. So totally strange, but it was Meghan's fault. Great blog by the way. I like the music.