Friday, September 5, 2008

My Baby

Another month has come and gone, so here is Livvy on her 7 month birthday playing outside in the wagon. She is so aware and alert and playful! What a sweetie. She just wants to go now, so the wagon was a good symbol for this month's milestones. I am just so thankful what a happy, healthy baby we have. She is such a joy! As are all of my kids. I just try to document these baby moments a lot because they change so fast at this age. I am already amazed at the difference in pictures of Livvy from just a few months ago! What a lovable sweetheart she is. And so much fun! She's a big time mama's baby lately, and that's okay with me! :)


Lori said...

7 months old was my favorite!! They are so cute at this stage and their personality really starts coming out. She is adorable. Audra told me she and Carly were taking Kindermusic. I'm jealous-wish I could be there with ya'll.

Cassie said...

Hi cute Melissa!! So hey I have to tell you what Kyler just said when he saw your blog. "I love Chase. He is so fun & he is my best friend.. I thought that was so cute! Your pics at the park are so adorable. It is true how fast they change the first and second year.. I want to sign Brinley up in your wednesday class for kindermusic. Can I just come this next wednesday and pay and sign up then. You told me it was at 1:00 so I will plan on that unless you tell me otherwise.. I am sooo excited. C-ya