Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Braydon!

It's so hard to believe, but Braydon was born 9 years ago today! I've been reflecting some of the special memories I've had with him as my sweet son. I couldn't be more proud of him! I remember when I was pregnant with Braydon and being a week overdue and wanting him to just hurry up! I was so sad with each passing day of no labor signs! Then finally when I felt it would never happen, labor did start and finally Braydon made his debut. Braydon's name wasn't even one of our choices, but by some act of fate, Wade and I, both, independently knew it was his name when we saw him. I still have always wondered why that was meant to be his name. I do love it! He is just such a Braydon! I remember the now cherished days of his babyhood when I couldn't even stand for other people to hold him! I wanted him only for myself and was such a mother hen! He was such a cute baby and so good too! I did quickly spoil him into thinking that he had to be held all the time! It's no wonder that he didn't walk until he was 14 months old, but he could talk like a kid much older. Braydon has always been so sweet (except for his biting stage!) He is such a smart boy who loves to read and explore. He loves his teachers and they love him too. He has really set the bar high in our family because he is so hard-working, responsible, organized, neat, studious, funny, smart, and cute!!! :) I feel that he is such a special spirit with important work to do and I continually remind him that Heavenly Father sent him first for a very specific reason. He is no doubt a leader and a good one too! He is a good friend and brother and son! I still miss those days sometimes when all my time and attention was on him! Regardless of the financial sacrifice, I am forever grateful that I got to stay home with him! He is growing up so quickly! Crazy to think that in this amount of time again, he will be graduating high school! Braydon has truly been a joyous child. I feel so blessed to be a mom, and his mom at that! I hope he always knows how much I love him and how I look forward to sneaking more kisses from him after he falls asleep every night.
Here are some pictures of my sweet Braydon today on his 9th birthday. I think it was a good day! Wade took him and a couple of cousins and friends to see the new star wars animated movie and then back home for cake and ice cream with family & friends. Nothing big.
So, here is my tribute to my sweet son! Happy Birthday Buddy!

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The Lowerys said...

I Love your blog! Its sooooo cute! I need to learn how to make mine cute like yours!!! Your kids are all so cute!! I can't believe how big Sommer and Braydon are! The last time I saw them like were 4 and 2! Wow how time flys! If you want to look at mine its Theres not much on there yet! Well have a good day!