Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kindermusik Christmas Celebration

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap at our class finale/ celebration for the semester. This week's classes were the funnest! I wish we had a whole month to celebrate Christmas! As you can see, we sang "Rudolph" and many other Christmas activities. One of my favorite activities in my Our Time and Imagine That! Classes was when we reigned the kids up with bells and scarves around their waists (acting as Rudolph) and had the moms pulling the reigns and act as their coaches as we galloped around to "Over the River and through the woods". It was so cute! I have the cutest kids in my classes, not to mention the cutest moms too! There were so many fun times that next time, I'll have to have Wade come and take some pictures while I teach so maybe one day I can make an album for my kids to see and remember our fun- filled days at Kindermusik. Also, Cammy, Jen, & I will be starting a blog this next semester, so you'll have to take a peek when we get that all constructed! Anyway, here are a few pics of our class celebration. Wish I had more, but it was a busy week, but oh, so fun!

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Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

You are awesome-- awesome teacher, awesome mom, awesome everything. Thanks so much! I'm excited for our Kindermusik blog!