Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The sweet talk of a 4 year old...

This post is dedicated to the sweet things that Chaser says.

I just had my birthday and Chase was not going to forget it- at all!
Here is one of our conversations:
Chase: "I wish I could buy you a present for your birthday."
Me: "Aww...buddy, that is so sweet! What would you buy me?"
Chase: "Some ink for your computer."
Me: "I would love that! "
Chase: "But Mommy, Do you like old things?"
Me (curiously): "Umm.. yeah, I like some old things. How come?"
Chase: "Since I don't have money, I'll just give you my old police car."
Me (melting by this point): "I would love that more than anything!"

How precious is that? I NEVER want to forget that conversation!
Then for my birthday, my friend, Candace had us over for lunch. As we were leaving, she gave me this beautiful topiary for a bday gift. When Chase and I got in the car to go home, he asked, "Mommy, what did Candace give you for your birthday?"
Me: "She gave me a topiary."
Chaser: "Mommy, when I get big, I will buy you a topinary for every birthday."

(Isn't that just so sweet? He was mighty impressed with your gift, Candace!)

Just yesterday, I wasn't feeling too well. I had a bad headache, so I was lazy and laid around half the morning. Once I finally got up off the couch to start in on some responsibilities for the day, I said to Chase, "Sorry Mommy has been sick today, bud."
Then he replied in the sweetest voice,
"That's nothing to be sorry about."

Wow! How I love this little boy!

And for laughs, one final Chaserism. We were having a lot of rain a couple of weeks ago and the kids were riding their bikes at the church across the street. The rain brought the earthworms out in droves. When Chase came back home, he said very excitedly, "Mommy, it is raining worms! They are everywhere! On the street, on the road, on the grass, EVERYWHERE!"
As proof, he brought a few back in his trike.
Unfortunately, I forgot to let them go, and a few days later we were outside and Chase showed me his worms again-this time dried to a crisp. yuck!
Chase: "See, Mommy, They were alive, but now they're just corpse." (singular)

Not sure where he even learned that word, but it must be essential in "boy talk".


Ace said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Does he ever stop? LOVE-love-LOVE your little Chaser, and all the blessed little things that he comes up with!

Neika Boulter said...

so cute and sweet!

Charis said...

I could read "chaserisms" all day. He is one funny kid!